Red, White and Blue Rust Remover


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SKU: RWB-002

Red, White and Blue rust remover is a safe non-aggressive citric rust dissolver ideal for those hard to get areas or where a non-abrasive remover is required. It will not remove solid paint only dissolve rust making it ideal for the home restorer.

Our 600ml container will make up to twenty-litre bath and will last many months. simply add the contents with water to a plastic container with a lid like the plastic storage containers available from reject shops hardware etc . simply soak your item for as long as you like it will not dissolve metal and place the lid on your container when not in use.

You can add to your container as much as you like each 600ml just add 20 litres of water. Its a great lasting cheap alternative for the home restorer and very popular.

Additional information

Weight.700 kg
Dimensions22 x 15 x 10 cm

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